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Lina Ben Mhenni (English version)

ATTENTION PLEASE:  as you can  see by the comments below  Lina herself contacted me in order to give us the correct information about her. (I’m really sorry, I wrote on the basis of an article on the italian magazine “L’Espresso” and  I trusted it). So the facts are:

She is 28 years old and not 22.

Her father is not the President of Amnesty Tunisia, but one of the founders of the tunisian section.

She has been assaulted during the manifestations so nobody tried to rape her in that occasion.  (In my humble opinion I think being beated is enough!!!)

I’m deeply sorry if I wrote something wrong, but I’m happy she knows I support her. 🙂

(I apologize for my poor english, I hope this translation will be comprehensible).

History will tell us if the so-called Arabian Spring will bring a real improvement for the whole Human Gender. For sure, at least ideologically, the fall of  so many dictators all together is something good. I won’t go into the deep forest of  foreign affairs or talk about religions, women and Islam. I just want to give this girl an echo. She’s very young (22 years old), her father is the president of AmnestyTunisia, and during the rebellion she has been one of the most important voices to express the people’s will.

Ben Alì has fallen, but Tunisia is still the same, more or less. In Lina’s words, as they’re reported on L’Espresso, there is still a lot of  sadness: “Maybe compared to the past, we can express our ideas, we are free from fears, before we couldn’t speak…but in the end now the situation isn’t changed in its whole. Jobs are missing, like before. There’s corruption at every level, like before and dissent is punished by violence, tear gas, truncheons. The government is corrupted at every level and, in spite of our claims, the same attackers of the Ben Alì’s regime are back. We have evidences: photos, recordings, videos, but nobody is making something in concrete to stop this oppression.”

 The last April 9th Lina has been assaulted by three policemen. She has been beated and sexually harassed. Luckily, she avoided a complete rape thanks to the action of some people walking by, but the fact is very serious  anyway, because you must consider that Rape would have been used as instrument in order to extinguish a very popular and followed voice.

Lina’s life has changed since she has been deciding to represent the voice ofTunisiayoung people, but she’s keeping up with her studies and with the blog. She also received a nomination for the Nobel Prize. She is still under death threat, but she goes on without any escort and doesn’t stop.

The bad part is that even if Ben Alì is fallen, similar people is now ruling the country. Tunisian press is acclaiming, as they did to the former dictator. All the free bloggers ask to foreign press to not lose the focus on this situation, which is very far from being resolved.

So, remember this name: LINA BEN MHENNI. Talk about her on your blogs and on the social networks. Let us protect her: they must know that every action against her will multiply her fame!

PS: To whoever understands French, this is Lina’s blog address.


  1. Hello This is Lina Ben Mhenni . I wanted to clarify some points . I am 28 old not 22 . I was assaulted in the middle of the crowd during the demonstration so I do not think that they would have dared to rape me. I do not why the Espresso journalsit wrote it this way . My father is one of the Founder of the Tunisian section of Amnesty and not its present president.
    Well thank you for this post

    • Hello Lina! Thank you for this. I wrote on the base of the Espresso article, so these were the informations I had. I’m going to write all the corrections as soon as possible. Keep up your good work!



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